Harrison Ford Says He Starts Doing... Something With Indiana Jones 5 in a Couple Months

From the last Indiana Jones film.
From the last Indiana Jones film.
Image: Paramount Pictures

Now that his time making afterlife cameos as Han Solo is definitely wrapped and done, Harrison Ford seems to be about ready to move on to his other big legacy role: Indiana Jones. In a new interview, Ford reveals that he’s going to start working on returning to that role rather soon. Though it’s unclear what, precisely, that means.


Talking to CBS Sunday Morning earlier this week, which, yes, I also find confusing, Ford says that he will be returning to Indiana Jones “in two months.” Which is exciting—Indiana Jones 5 has been in the works for ages, now, with little movement aside from reassurances that it’s still happening. So confirmation that Ford is involved in working on the film, and that something’s on the schedule for it, is great to hear. It might even make its current release date of July 9, 2021!

But, as Collider points out,it’s not clear just what working on the movie is at that point. No casting announcements, other than, y’know, Ford, and no other indications appear that cameras are ready to begin rolling. Most likely, he’s going to be beginning training or some sort of other regimen to prepare for the role. Which will, hopefully, be one that picks up some steam soon. Because who knows if Indiana Jones 5 will be any good. But waiting for it has gotten old.

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As long as he doesn’t fly himself there, he should be fine.