Harvesting Underwater Forests and More from the Best of Treehugger

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This week on TreeHugger, an army of radiation-detecting orbs in our pipes, sexy electric bike design, a PC made of Legos, logging equipment harvests underwater forests, high-tech surfing gear, and more!


1. Chainless Hybrid Electric Bike Concept Is Super Sexy : TreeHugger
This concept by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli is undeniably intriguing — not only because it's an electric bike but because it just looks almost like a bare-bones motorcycle.

2. Classic Wooden Airplane and Helicopter Toys are Solar-Powered
These keep all the classic and add some cool with subtle solar power. Watch them whirring in the video.

3. New Logging Equipment Harvests Underwater Forests
Great submerged forests, the result of hydroelectric dams, are now harvestable with new machinery.

4. Army of Tiny Robots to Monitor Underground Pipes for Radioactive Leaks
A tiny orb with a complex way of getting around could be one of many let loose in underground pipes at nuclear reactor facilities to ensure no leaks radioactive leaks go unnoticed.

5. Where Do Old Gadgets Go To Die? MIT's Backtalk Project Embeds Trackers to Find Out
MIT's SENSEable City Lab has come up with the Backtalk project to find out more about what happens to gadgets when consumers are done with them. Literally see who is receiving your old gadgets.

6. Homemade Computer Crafted with Legos, Crunches Numbers for Medical Research
What do you do when your hobby is building computers, and you have a ton of Legos laying around? Well, for one computer geek, that created a perfect opportunity for making an energy efficient, but incredibly powerful PC out of, yes, Legos.


7. From Wetsuits to Wax: 9 High-Tech Products for Sustainable Surfing
Synthetic wetsuits, fiberglass boards, and petroleum-based waxes aren't exactly kind to that ocean surfers love so much: The nine high-tech products here ensure the waves without the environmental sacrifice.

8. Energy Star Releases New "Most Efficient" Label
Energy Star has decided a new label is needed to identify the most energy efficient electronics and appliances from those that are, you know, just kinda efficient. Anyone else see a small problem with this?


9. Awesome Vertical Garden With Recycled PET Bottles At Poor Family Home In Sao Paulo
Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum collaborates with TV show Caldeirao do Huck in a segment called Lar doce lar (Home Sweet Home), which helps families in need re-designing their homes to improve their lives and self-esteem.

10. 5 Slick, Contemporary Ways to Save Space and Water in a Small Bathroom : TreeHugger
Tucking in all the necessary components into a tiny bathroom is a challenge. Even more so when you'd like it to look good.


11. Clever Folding Garage Saves Space, Improves Streetscapes
Modern Mechanix shows an interesting idea for saving space; after all, why take up all that room in a house for a garage when the car is gone so much of the time?


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