Hasbro’s Star Wars line has been in for some rough attention recently as fans clamored for, and then struggled to find, toys based on Rey after The Force Awakens came out, citing the company’s long struggle with female characters in its Star Wars toys. You wouldn’t think that with their Toy Fair announcements.


Female characters were front-in-line for Hasbro’s big Star Wars reveals at its press event yesterday—in the 3.75", 5-points-of-articulation series we got first looks at Sabine (with removable helmet!) and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Seventh Sister from the second season of Star Wars Rebels, as well as another look at the teenage Princess Leia that recently appeared on the show.

3.75" Seventh Sister Inquisitor and Sabine Wren.

The Force Awakens also showed some love to Rey and Maz Kanata in a new three-pack of figures: Rey, Finn, Maz, and BB-8 for good measure, based on the Takodana sequence from the film. Not only another good way to get Rey, but the first Maz Kanata figure from Hasbro.

3.75" Takodana Encounter set.

But the real highlights were reveals of the “realistic” Sabine and a long-awaited A New Hope Princess Leia for the Black Series 6" scale figure series. Sabine joins an already-planned realistic version of Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

6" Black Series Sabine Wren.

Sabine was runner up in Hasbro’s “Fan Choice” poll last year, but Hasbro decided to make her, actual winner Darth Revan, and third-placer Snowtrooper all as entrants.

6" Black Series Princess Leia.

But the women of Star Wars weren’t the only stars of Hasbro’s new reveals. The 3.75" Rebels line saw the addition of a new, Stormtrooper-disguised Kanan and a new version of Darth Maul, who recently showed up in a massive trailer for the show’s second season.

3.75" Darth Maul and Stormtrooper Kanan

And yes, the aforementioned Fan’s Choice entrants for the Black Series, Knights of the Old Republic character Revan, and an Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper, made the final cut.

6" Black Series Revan and Snowtrooper

It’s nice to see that even as The Force Awakens merchandise is getting out, and with Rogue One goodies on the way later this year, other areas of the Star Wars galaxy are still getting some love and attention from Hasbro—but it’s especially nice to see that the stars of that attention are characters who’ve not been given enough love in the current toy lines in the first place.

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