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Hats off to Hassleblad. I know pro digital photographers need heavy duty equipment, but this seems over the top! The Swedish camera company has just announced a new camera based on the combination of the company's new 39-megapixel CCD sensor and its Digital APO Correction (DAC) technology. That's right, you read it right. 39 megapixels, baby. The Hasselblad H2D-39 will run you $37,400 and claims to be the first high-end, 39-megapixel, digital auto-focus camera—in the world! I'm not sure how a 39-megapixel camera could be anything BUT high-end, but if they need to reiterate, whatever. Also includes Hasselblad's Natural Color Solution, which, if you couldn't guess, is supposed to allow colors to be more accurately reproduced. So get out that Black American Express card you have hidden in your wallet and give Sweden a call right away to reserve one of these. It'll be the best $37,000 you'll ever spend. Other than that Aston Martin you're having delivered next week.

Hasselblad 39-Megapixel Digital SRL [Bios Magazine]


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