Hauppage MediaMVP is a Champ

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Hauppage's latest wireless set-top box for home 802.11G networks is perfect for the media-saturated household and will only set you back about $150. Called the MediaMVP (Music, Video and Pictures), this small gadget will let you access all your PC-based media from any room of your house. So if you keep your nasty computer down in the basement, you can still play a movie or video in your bedroom. Same with music. And with a nice price, it's certainly better than springing for a Sonos system. Supports MPEG-1/MPEG-2 videos, DivX videos, JPEG and GIF digital pictures, and MP3 music files.

Hauppauge Unveils Wireless MediaMVP for Home Networks [Linuxelectronics]

Specs and pricing for original wired Media MVP [Shopping.com]


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