Hauppage TV Anywhere: Poor Man's Slingbox

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Hauppage TV Anywhere is bundling already-free software from Orb Networks with its WinTV box to let you record shows on your PC and then stream them to you wherever you're able to access the Interwebs. The WinTV box snags those over-the-air video signals and records them on your PC via USB 2.0, and then the Orb software communicates with you, uploading that video to you wherever you may roam.

Keep in mind, the Orb Networks software is what actually makes the streaming happen; the Hauppage box is simply turning over-the-air broadcast signals into MPEG-2 files and placing them on your PC. Too bad it only works with a TV antenna, and if you think about it, who is still receiving broadcast signals over-the-air, anyway? It's $190.

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