Have You Gotten in Trouble with Work Because of Your Computer Habits?

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If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that being at work is different than from being at home. Well, unless you work at home or live at work, which, um, maybe we can't agree on anything. But! The things you do on the computer at work should probably be different from your Internetting at home. But sometimes you forget! Sometimes you use your work computer to go to porn sites. Sometimes you click a NSFW picture from your cubicle. Sometimes you opened Excel at home *GASP*.


Basically, have you guys ever gotten in trouble by your work, your boss, your employer, your check writer for doing something you shouldn't have been doing with your work computer? Maybe you Googled something weird like "pressure cooker bombs" and "backpacks" and got reported to the police by your employer. Or maybe you e-mailed different companies to find a new job from your corporate e-mail account. Or maybe you were on Facebook too much. Or maybe you did accidentally visited PornHub while on a business trip with a company laptop. Or maybe you infected everybody with a virus you accidentally clicked on. Or maybe you illegally downloaded Avatar using bittorrent.

There are plenty of embarrassing stories! What happened? What happened afterwards? Let us know below.

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Bogus Maximus

Nope. I'm the guy who catches other people doing stuff they shouldn't be on the computers at work.