Have2P Will Save Your Underpants One Day

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I'm not being sexist: Most of the women in my life have to pee 27.3 times every hour. Or something like that. I'm getting all of them Have2P for their iPhones.


Have2P tracks every public restroom around you, giving you directions through the iPhone's Maps application. It will also tell you what toilets are for customers—please-coffee-brb!—and what are truly public restrooms.

But most importantly, it will give you bathroom reviews. Yes, my lovelies, bathroom reviews. This thing will tell you if a restroom is so dirty that it will require you to step inside, holding to the door as if you were Spiderman, then taking off your jeans and knickers like the Great Houdini, all while trying holding your bag and coat with your neck. Or, if you are lucky, find a place so clean that will at last be able to abandon your apartment and move there.

The best part: Have2P is free, free, free, free as in pee. [Geeksugar]


i think the percentage of females Iphone owners is very low. i hardly see one.