Haven trades resurrection for one major death

After the massive series of revelations on last week's Haven—including the identity of the Bolt Gun Killer—we hoped we'd find out what on Earth is going on with all those stolen body parts. We still don't know the purpose of the Bride of Frankenstein, but between the slats of this week'd resurrection plot, Haven did drop a few tantalizing clues about what's to come—and one big death. Spoilers ahead.


When last we left the Troubleshooters, Nathan had just discovered that Tommy Bowen was the Bolt Gun Killer, and Bowen responded by shooting Nathan and blaming his death on Noelle, the Troubled girl who can bring people back from the dead. They manage to track Noelle down, but Bowen gets to her first and smothers her to death with a pillow. Naturally, he's able to convince Duke and Audrey that Moira must have killed Noelle, and now their only hope of resurrecting Nathan is to find Moira and trigger her Trouble. They track down Noelle's boyfriend and fellow EMT who fills them in on the details about the sisters: that Moira and Noelle's father died in a car accident, and that Noelle takes on the scars of the people she brings back to life.

The Troubleshooters split up to look for Moira, with Duke and Bowen teaming up and Audrey going off on her own. Audrey locates Moira, but not before Jordan tracks her down using a location app on Nathan's phone. Audrey reveals that Nathan is dead and shares her plan with Jordan: she's going to traumatize Moira until her Trouble manifests. But as soon as she confronts Moira, Audrey learns the truth—that Bowen killed Nathan. Audrey quickly warns Duke that he's hanging out with the Bolt Gun Killer. Sadly, Moira isn't all that impressed by her sister's dead body. She simply shrugs and scoffs, "She couldn't even save herself." Audrey threatens to shoot Moira, firing a bullet at the floor beside Moira's chair. But there's no way to know if the Trouble has been triggered without Duke, the human Trouble detector. Jordan goes off to fetch him.

By now, Bowen has realized that Duke knows his secret, and soon they are, well, duking it out. Duke comes into contact with Bowen's blood and realizes that Bowen is Troubled. Before the Bolt Gun Killer can execute his latest victim, however, Jordan appears on the scene and gives Bowen a taste of her hands o' pain. Bowen escapes, but instead of following him, Duke and Jordan head back to save Nathan. Duke tests Moira's blood, but no dice. Moira is still furious with her sister for failing to save their father after the car crash, and doesn't believe that Audrey will kill her; there's nothing they can do to traumatize her. She just wants to get out of Haven and start her life over. As she relates the story of the car crash, however, a lightbulb goes off in Audrey's head. Moira mentions that she was knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of her head, and Audrey find the scar beneath her hair. Audrey checks Noelle's body and finds the same scar. The reason Noelle didn't save their father was that Moira also died in the crash; given the choice between saving her father and saving her sister, Noelle chose Moira. That realization was enough to trigger Moira's Trouble, and she ends up absorbing both Noelle and Nathan's deaths, putting a deadly strain on her own body. Fortunately, the now-revived Noelle can bring her back to life.

Meanwhile, the Teagues are dealing with a problem of their own. Someone has broken into their office and opened their cabinet with a bolt gun. They search the entire office and discover that the key to their fishing shack has been replaced with a brand new copy. They dash off to the shack and find a strange boat docked there. "Where is the captain?" they wonder right before Bowen reveals himself. He ties up the brothers and tells them he always liked the shack; it holds so many memories for him. So he has been to Haven before. Bowen then begins beating them, demanding to know where the Colorado Kid is. "I'm really going to enjoy killing you," says Vince. "Actually," Dav replies, "I think it's my turn." "Oh, is it?" asks Vince. Oh you Teagues boys and your cryptic comments. Am I reading too much into this, or might they have a Trouble they trade off? When Bowen starts asking about the barn, though, they do reveal this: only Audrey goes to the barn, and it's coming for her.

In the morning, Nathan and Audrey track Bowen to the Teagues' shack, but Bowen is already making his escape by motorboat. Hoping to take Bowen alive, they shoot at the boat's motor, but the boat erupts in flames, apparently killing Bowen.

Another little tidbit we learned this episode: Dwight has a big hulking Guard tattoo on his back. Dwight hasn't been terribly prominent in the last few episodes, but the writers are clearly making it a point to include him at least a little bit in every episode. His moment is coming.


But with Bowen apparently dead, we're left with a ton of questions. Is Bowen really dead? Did the Teagues kill him? How is it that the man from the Guard appeared in the ATM footage? Did Bowen have an accomplice in Haven? (I'm still looking at you, Dr. Claire.)

One thing is for certain: the barn is on its way. Audrey has a heart-to-heart with Vince. He apologizes for everything he's done to deceive her, and she reveals that he knows the Colorado Kid is her son by Sarah. Vince insists that Sarah never told anyone who the Colorado Kid's father is, but as he stares off into the distance, he sees the barn atop a misty island. Audrey looks over and sees nothing, and when she asks what Vince was staring at, he piles on one more lie.


Next week: quality time with Sarah in 1950s Haven!



Bowen is not dead. He has to make an appearance when Audry heads to the barn. Chekhov's gun pretty much now requires this.

Haven is doing a good job of mixing the drama and adventure and the fantasy and horror. May not be the best written or best production value show on t.v. but it comes together to be fun.