HBO Wants No Recording of Shows—Ever

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Looks like HBO is trying to use a broadcast flag to ban us from recording any of its programming on our DVRs. The company has recently filed with the FCC, saying its shows—and all "Subscription Video On Demand" services—should be labeled as "Copy Never." This means simply, if enacted, that we could never record its content on anything—not even your old, analog VCR.


Come on HBO, don't be such a downer. We pay for your services, we love your programming, if we want to record an episode of The Sopranos, please don't take that away. You make some good money on us, so don't get so greedy.

HBO wants its programming to be off-limits for DVRs

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I would like to be able to subscribe to HBO without having to get a whole package of other channels. Out of the Extended Basic (about 100 channels) I only watch about 9 channels and 4 or 5 of those are local and could be watched for free. To get HBO or any other premium channel, I have to pay a lot more—between $35-50 a month. It isn't worth THAT much, but it would be worth $10-15 a month. The only solution I can figure out is to just rent the HBO series and all movies from Netflix. The only downside is that I have to wait several months for new series to come out on DVD. Anyone have a better solution?