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HD DVD Losing Its Arsenal in Japan

Illustration for article titled HD DVD Losing Its Arsenal in Japan

The HD DVD troopers are surely fighting the losing battle, as new research from Japan details a surge in Blu-Ray recorder ownership. The study surveyed buying trends from 2,300 electronic stores across Japan, and the statistics showed that next-generation DVD-unit sales rocketed from 6.1% in October to 20% in November and December. As the next-generation recorders have a higher price point, they managed to account for some 35% of the total DVD player market value. However, Blu-Ray walked home with the largest market share of the two.


Blu-Ray made up 90% of all next-generation DVD player sales. Now, we aren't mathematicians, but that is a hell of a lot. In fact, it is so much, looking at this image now actually leaves a ferrous-like taste in our mouths, due to its shocking, 90% increased, ironic eye candy status. [Japan Today; image via Picasa Online]


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These recorders are all hybrid HDD/BD (or HDD/HD-DVD). So, you record shit tons of video content on the HDD, and burn a BD for that special "Planet Earth" type program for archival purposes.

Sure, it'd be cheaper to set up a 2TB home server to which you'll dump those special programs, but is your average joe consumer going to be able to do that? Japanese consumers aren't necessarily stupid, they're just practical, and, since these players still cost a fuckin' arm and a leg (over USD1K for all of them, except for the Toshiba HD-DVD recorder), the people who buy them sure aren't on a tight budget.