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HD DVD's Death Hasn't Helped Blu-ray Sales, Which Are So Bad NPD Won't Talk About 'Em

Illustration for article titled HD DVDs Death Hasnt Helped Blu-ray Sales, Which Are So Bad NPD Wont Talk About Em

You guys have apparently been listening to our warnings about not jumping into the Blu pool just yet. NPD says that even after HD DVD stopping peeing in it and lied down to die, not only have Blu-ray sales have only jumped a meager two percent (after falling 40 percent from Jan.), but they're so bad, they won't even release the actual numbers. NPD pegs price as one major factor, with the wait for BD-Live players as another. Course, it's more likely the deeply feared DVD problem: For most people, it's still good enough. [Yahoo, NYT]


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Not a big surprise... Blu Ray players are still expensive, buggy, and lacking all the features. The format has extremely strong competition from regular DVDs. And the economy has gone to utter crap. So those on the fence will wait a while. Those ready to pull the trigger will go PS3 if they are smart (that's what I did).

Maybe this will motivate some price drops, then this will start gaining momentum, especially when the economy starts improving in a year or two.