HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator Apologizes to No One

I know I speak for absolutely everyone here when I say, wtf happened to our watch phones?

Other than that one model by LG, the industry has passed the formfactor by.


Sure, the technology is a lot more convincing in comic books than at your desk, as you awkwardly crunch your neck and shoulders to speak into your upper arm, immediately aware that the free cologne sample was a mistake. And Bluetooth headsets (which is exactly what the $85 HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator actually is, just strapped to your wrist) already make far more sense in terms of practicality and ergonomics.

But I just want it on record, the future I've been getting is NOT the future I signed up for. Mine includes a boombox that zaps my bare feet to make high tops appear. More and more every day, I can feel this future slipping away. [Helium Digital]

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