HDCP Restrictions Rolled Back on New MacBooks

Illustration for article titled HDCP Restrictions Rolled Back on New MacBooks

One part of the new MacBook experience that didn't exactly seem like much of an upgrade was the addition of HDCP for the new DisplayPort video connector, which left users unable to watch iTunes DRMed video content—HD or SD—on non-HDCP compliant external displays. This morning Apple released an update to ease the pain: protected SD content will now play on older DVI and VGA-connected displays. It's a step in the right direction, but the real mistake here probably wasn't including SD content under the HDCP umbrella—it was cramming the DRM tech into the laptops in the first place. [MacRumors]


When will people learn that the only thing a macbook is good for, is looking like a hip douchebag while secretly running your linux distro of choice?