HDMI Coming to Not-So-Elite Xbox 360s?

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A "mole" at Microsoft has told Ars Technica that after the current inventory is spent, they're going to "soft launch" new Core and Premium Xbox 360s in late August or September that are loaded up with HDMI and possibly quieter DVD drives, along with the long-awaited 65nm process CPUs. While this is complete hearsay, the guys at Ars have better bullshit detectors than most, and we've been expecting these updates for a while, so it's not exactly flailing speculation—but be sure to keep breathing. [Ars Technica]


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I own a 360 premium currently and I will buy one that has a HDMI output in a heartbeat.

Clearly, I am a little slow. Is the concept of the marketing and changes to the 360 to sell new 360 units to current owners, or to sell their device to new customers? With the 'Elite', and now an HDMI version, and so on — it seems that they are appealing to their current customer base, not the overall gaming public. I simply can not imagine there are too many 'normal' customers out there sitting on the fence saying, 'gee, if it only had HDMI and a 65nm chip, then I would be all over it.'