Heal your Game of Thrones anguish with these plush Direwolf puppies

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It's no secret that this past season of Game of Thrones has been rather... rough. But what better way to get over your agony than by snuggling your very own plush Direwolf puppy? These three Stark pets are the pinnacle of Factory Entertainment's brand-new, shockingly adorable Game of Thrones plush line.

The Direwolf puppies stand 8-inches tall and will be released this winter alongside this Three-Eyed-Crow:


Now you can have all the fun of having dark, prophetic visions, without the hassle of being pushed out of a tower window by a dude having sex with his sister! But that's not all; come next spring, there's going to be a lot of Dragon eggs needing Mothers:


I assume Factory Entertainment will release the other four Direwolf puppies eventually, but I'm already thinking ahead. Obviously we need a Huggable Hodor, that goes without saying. And then maybe a plush of Theon's "sausage"? It could come in a collectible box! Ooh, what about a giant plush of the dead Direwolf mom for the puppies to snuggle futilely up? Or a maybe a plush variant of Grey Wind, where the lower —

— and I've just depressed myself again. NEED MOAR PUPPIEZ.

[Via MTV Geek]