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Heightened Security In the UK Means No Laptops, Cellphones and iPods On Board

Illustration for article titled Heightened Security In the UK Means No Laptops, Cellphones and iPods On Board

The Guardian reports that thanks to today's unraveling of the "mass murder terror plot", officials are banning gadgets from being taken onboard as a carry-on item for the time being. In the UK, laptops, cellphones, iPods, and other small electronic devices need to be checked-in thanks to the terrorist's plan to use these gadgets to detonate explosives.


As of the time of this post, the US is still allowing these items onto flights. But check both the news and Gizmodo frequently if you've got a flight coming up. We'll post updates if the situation regarding gadgets changes.

'Mass murder terror plot' uncovered [Guardian]
Local Travelers React To Terrorist Plot [WKTR]

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This can't last there is just too much money invested at airports and in the air. Think of all the Airlines investing in or providing web access via wifi on board aircraft they would stand to loose a considerable investment. And I'm not even including WIFI providers in the airport itself.

Also once you've checked in and gone through security most large airports look like a small cities largest shopping mall with electronics stores coming out the wazoo Anyone who has been through Gatwick or Heathrow can agree with me on that one. What are they going to do tell you that it's ok to buy that new ipod duty free but you'll have to bin it before you get on your flight?

I give it a few weeks and laptops and iPods will once again be good to go.