Helio Launches

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Teen hipsters rejoice as MVNO Helio finally launches! With plans starting at $85, $100, and $135 a month, the service comes loaded with features.


  • Myspace integration: Post pictures directly to Myspace, write and read mail and blogs, add new friends and view profiles.
  • Unlimited Data: Picture and text messaging, data transfer, 3G network access, wireless internet, video streaming, Myspace access.

Complete features after the jump.

  • Unlimited Nights & Weekends
  • 3D Games: Buy it for $5.99, or try it for a week at $0.99.
  • Gifting and Begging: Buy a game or some video content for someone and gift it directly to their phone. Beg your friends to buy something for you!
  • Streaming and downloading video from: ABC, ABC News, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports, FUEL TV, IGN, MTV Networks' brands including COMEDY CENTRAL, IFILM, Logo, MTV, Spike TV and VH1, Ripe TV, RocketBoom, Speed, StupidVideos.com, and WireImage.com
  • Good looking phones: Choose from the Hero or the Kickflip (Kickflip pictured)
  • Helio On Top (H.O.T.): Kind of like programmable content screensavers which include Fox Sports, IGN, MTV News, MySpace, POPSUGAR, Surfline, The Onion, Yahoo! and more.

If Helio really makes all these parts work together seamlessly, it's going to be a hit with people of all ages, despite their youth oriented marketing and moderately high pricing. Helio service and phones are on sale now.

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