HELIO and Yahoo! Announce Mobile Services Partnership

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We told you two months ago about HELIO, the new mobile carrier aimed at young people starting up service sometime this spring, and the two snazzy phones they're launching with. Today they're announcing the deal they've made with Yahoo!, which will be providing HELIO's users with easy access to Yahoo!'s mobile web offerings over 3G with just one click from the main menu of a HELIO device.


It's not surprising that Yahoo! Messenger and Mail are part of the offerings, since HELIO's target market has grown up with IM and email, but we're very interested in the fact that users will be able to start searches just by typing in the home screen like they were dialing a number—none of the mobile carrier web services we've used thus far have ever encouraged search before whereas HELIO is making a point and placing it front and center.

They've also got a previously-announced deal with MySpace to let you post photos straight into your messages from your HELIO device, as well as update your profiles with events while you're at them and add new friends right when you meet them; their site doesn't currently talk about how exactly the interaction will take place, but we'll guess that since MySpace is potentially a killer feature for their service that it'll be one-click from the HELIO home screen as well.


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