Helio Mysto Arrives, but Only the Korean-Language Version

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Here's a weird move by Helio: its launching its new phone, the Mysto, quietly today. Why quietly? Well, it's only releasing the Korean-language version of the new slider. Soon enough, the English version will follow, but apparently because of its ties to Korea's SK Telecom only the Korean version is available for now. If you really want an English version, a few will be available at the Helio stores in NYC and Santa Monica on December 26th before a full launch in late January.

The Mysto is a rebranded Samsung U600, featuring a 2-megapixel camera, GPS with BuddyBeacon, 3G web access and the ability to upload directly to YouTube (although it won't have the Ocean's sweet YouTube app). It'll cost $149 with a 2-year contract. [Product Page via Electronista]