Helio Ocean Coming May 21st?

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Helio's iPhone-trouncing Ocean may be available for purchase as soon as May 21st, which is a mere two weeks away. Over at the Boy Genius Report they claim that a tipster says that everything is lined up for a "general release on May 21st and a limited/internal/partner release 5-8 [days] prior." Hey, that's really soon! Awesome!

The Ocean and the BlackBerry Curve are the two phones that'll be competing most head-on with the iPhone when it lumbers out of the gate next month, as they both have what the iPhone is so sorely lacking: a full QWERTY keyboard. Personally, I'd choose the Ocean over the Curve as it's the only one of the bunch with 3G wireless access, but I've gotta say that having to decide between these three incredible phones is what I'd classify as a "good problem." Everybody wins!


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