The price of upscaling video free-falls even more with the Helios H2000 upscaling DVD player. Sure, this one can only crank your video up to 1080i, but its $99 price makes that quite an attractive option. It can also handle XviD, the efficient video format that's one of our favorites, and also popular among those who, uh, compress a lot of their own videos at home.

You get a lot for your $99, including HDMI and component outputs. Too bad the best this H2000 can do is 720p or 1080i, stopping short of up-rezzing the video to the full 1080p video holy grail. But then, no up-rezzing looks all that great, so don't get too excited about any of this. Alas, no matter how much you process it, even with the finest Faroudja electronics (which, incidentally, aren't in this unit), it still isn't HD.


[Helios, via CrunchGear]

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