Helios H4000 Upconverting DivX/DVD Player Reviewed (Verdict: Pirate-tastic)

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The last time we looked at the Helios H4000, we thought the combination of multiple format support, 1080p upscaling, and low, low price made this an incredible buy. Now that i4u got their hands on one, we can definitely say this is worth your money.

The H4000 is solidly constructed, with a metric asston of outputs. HDMI, component, composite, S-Video, VGA, 5.1 surround audio, optical audio and coax audio makes the back more holey than Jesus' beer mug.


Upscaling DVDs to 720p (they didn't have 1080p) looked fantastic, and was dramatically better than just a standard DVD player. In addition to great image quality, the fact that you can play back all of your BitTorrented movies, TV shows and British Comedies on a $169 player makes this a great deal for HDTV owners.

neodigits Helios H4000 1080p Upscaling DVD Player Review [i4u]

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For what it's worth, I just returned my H4000 for the following reasons:

- It doesn't support HD-XviD/DivX, so all those 960x540 BSG episodes are a no-go.

- On regular DVD playback, the subtitles kept turning on automatically, and I have to turn them off repeatedly.

- The parental lock kept randomly refusing to play DVDs, even though setting is on level 8 (the highest level - There's no option to disable parental locks - only a level setting). So the H4000 would play Robocop just fine, but refuse to play Star Wars.

- My TV supports 480i, 480p, and 1080i. The player supports many, many more modes, but does *not* allow you to select which ones your display does not support, forcing you to cycle through what feels like a thousand modes before you can see anything again. So it was like [click] 480i [click] 480p [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] 1080i.

- I have a component video smart switcher that auto senses when a device is turned on if there is a signal on the component outputs. Unfortunately, the H4000 outputs an active signal even when soft-powered off. Since I already have one other device which always emits a signal, adding the H4000 has rendered my auto switcher useless.

I'm upgrading to the X3000 to hopefully fix at least some of these issues.