Helix Goes Full Lost In New Season 2 Trailer

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Welcome to the Island, an exotic land of mysterious inhabitants with strange beliefs and a possible sinister agenda. Except it's not the island from Lost, it's the new setting of the second season of Syfy's medical-scifi-horror show Helix. But if this new trailer makes you think of Ben Linus, you're not alone.

In all honestly, despite the locale change, Helixseason 2 looks uncannily like season one to me. An isolated location suffering from a mysterious illness. A sketchy dude with mysterious motives in charge of everybody. A lot of general weirdness (like, what the hell is going on with the islanders' food?). Basically, it seems like exact the same plot, it's just replaced the arctic base and snow with an island base and plants. Hopefully there's a bit more to it than that...