Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headphones So Cute They'll Make You Vomit

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The world will end with neither a bang nor a whimper, it will end with a pair of Hello Kitty Bluetooth wireless headphones. Sanrio's Hello Kitty earphones, specifically advertised to enhance your music and video gaming experience, will set you back $135 (15,750 Yen). I definitely wouldn't mind a pair of wireless headphones — I do, however, mind the overly cute kitty on the front. Still, the gadget makes a pretty good, if expensive, gift for the overly effeminate girlfriend. [KittyHell]


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@TommySez: @tofoomeister: Agreed. All Hello Kitty items should, nay MUST, be shaped like her head. This is the rule; woe unto they who fail to follow it.

@sublimnl: It's just Sanrio's cute little reminder of what they are saying to their fan base by charging $135 for these (non-kitty-head-shaped) headphones.