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Hello Xbox 360 Apps? Silverlight's Coming to Xbox 360

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft is looking for developers to work on Silverlight for the Xbox 360. Why does that matter? Because Silverlight is the same way apps are written for Windows Phone 7, and it runs on desktops too. Meaning: Apps.

There's already sorta-kinda apps for the Xbox 360 after all: Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and With Silverlight, it's possible that Microsoft could make it more open for third-party app development, so it'll go more toe-to-toe with Google TV—something we've been wanting for a long time. And the fact that it's a cross-platform way to write apps for Microsoft stuff—Windows, Windows Phone and maybe Xbox—could make for some interesting possibilities.


It's possible Silverlight on Xbox means something else entirely, but well, we're really hoping it means apps are in the Xbox's future. It'd be another way for Microsoft to extend the Xbox 360, like it's just done with Kinect. [Microsoft via Tech Trends via WM Power User]