Help Turn Brown Girl In The Ring Into A Fantastic, Mind-Blowing Movie

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Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson is like nothing you’ve read before — it’s an intense tale of Caribbean magic and possession, set in a dystopian near future. It features characters so vivid, they live on in your head. And a story that keeps you frantically reading to see how it turns out. And now, it’s becoming a movie!

Or at least, it will if you give it your support. Film-maker Sharon Lewis is seeking around $25,000 to make a full-length movie prequel to Brown Girl in the Ring, focusing on the character of Ti-Jeanne. Here’s her plot synopsis: “In an abandoned futuristic ghetto haunted by caribbean spirits and the posse, young Ti-Jeanne’s spirit demands she obey, or someone will die.”

Right now, they’re about a quarter of the way there, with 31 days left. Check out the campaign page over at IndieGogo, and help if you can! [via IndieWire]