Hercules Wireless MP3 Mixer will Rock the BBQ

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Yo Yo Yo! DJ Chicken Wings here, and this is my buddy MC Spare Ribs (although we also answer to Marvin and Ernesto). Bringing you the sounds of the BBQ, flickin' the switch while we flip the burgers. Yes Ma'am, be with you RIGHT IN AN INSTANT. Ernesto! Go serve the lady while I talk about this new wireless mixing controller from Hercules. It's got two channels so you can mix Pussycat Dolls with Linkin Park (Chicken Wings is Fi-eerrce, comprenday?) and even do some basic scratching with the two jog wheels.


When I scratch, that's when Mr Lightbody, our Manager, gets down on the Dickeys lino and, like, throws some crazy moves. And if he hasn't ruptured something, I press one of the FX buttons to, like, give him A to the P to the LAWS. Is that how you spell it, Mr Lightbody? I'm not sure how the thing works as I didn't bother with Computer Studies at school, I was more into Home Economics, see, but Mr Lightbody knows EVERYTHING. He's gonna hit you after the jump with all the tech stuff. Okay, gotta run, Ernesto's doing something with his boogers and that lady's ribs.

DJ Lightbody here. That's Darren J. Lightbody the Third and I'm here with the beef on the Hercules Wireless MP3 mixer. Hurgh! I sound like Edwin Starr, don't I. BBQ! Hurgh! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHIN'! Sayitaginnnnnn. Sorry. Back to the technical stuff.


Plug the receiver into the USB of your computer, and then let the battery-powered white box here control your your music collection. You can choose the songs you want via one of the two LCD screens, then mix them in so you have a seamless mix of Wayne Newton with Dolly Parton, if you're like me. The Hercules Wireless MP3 mixer measures 6.8 inches x 6 inches x 1.2 inches and will cost you around $120. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and fire Ernesto.

Product Page [Hercules via Creative Digital Music]

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I'm waiting for the first 'real' DJ to pop into comments and trash this for it not being up to par with the Technics they got in the living room.

The previous comments got it right. As long as it functions even a little bit, this makes a really decent controller for keeping the music going without risking your exspensive computer equipment. It seems to even have pitch controllers, which is usually the first major complaint from the 'nose in the musical air' crowd.

Tentative two thumbs up, but a review from someone who knows what they are doing would be nice, just to hear if it has any functionality, or needs to go the way of that MixMan plastic turntable scratchpad thing that was out a few years ago.

Wait a few months and start combing ebay for these. For 120 bucks, I won't have to worry much about it getting wet near the hottub.