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Here Are Some of the Weirdest-Looking Creatures From Doctor Who

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the reasons we love Doctor Who, especially the classic series, is the inspired goofiness that went into creating its aliens. When you combine a low budget with soaring imagination, you often get creatures who transcend their cheesiness to become, well, a strange kind of art. Here is a gallery of some of the most bizarre creatures we ever saw in Doctor Who. With lots of gifs, of course.

Zygons (1975, Season 13: "Terror of the Zygons")


The shape-shifting Zygons appeared just once, when the fourth Doctor discovered a shipwrecked colony in Scotland.

(via Tardis.Wikia and tvtropes)

The Sea Devils (first in 1972, Season 9: "The Sea Devils")


The cousins of the Silurians had thousands of underwater colonies, where they went into hibernation in the 20th Century, but woke up in the 1970s because of a sonic signal. They were like humanoid turtles, and more advanced than humanity.

(via Wondering in the Fourth Dimension)

Abzorbaloff (2006, New Series 2: "Love & Monsters")


Good to know: the Abzorbaloff was created by a child for a Blue Peter competition, but no excuse, it was really awful. The green creature (first he looked like an average gentleman, Victor Kennedy) could absorb people only with a touch, included their memories.

(via Tardis.Wikia)

Adipose (2008, New Series 4:"Partners in Crime")


The new, magical weight-loss pill from Adipose Industries has a really weird effect: happy, human-shaped blobs of fat emerge from people's skin and run away. Unfortunately not just the real fat goes away, the organs, muscles and other parts of human body are converting into little Adiposes, so the people are turning completely into aliens. In the end of the story a Nursery Ship collects the babies.

Axos (1971, Season 8:"The Claws of Axos")

This space parasite entity supposedly came to Earth for fuel, but really wanted all energy from Earth to help its people to discover time travel technology.


(via Tardis Wikia)

Loch Ness Monster (1975, Season 13: "Terror Of The Zygons")


Our beloved Nessie is the Skarasen, the cyborg weapon of the Zygons, brought to Earth somewhere in the 12th Century. (In later Doctor Who stories there are some other theories about the Loch Ness Monster.)

(via Dr Who Wiki/The Skarasen and

Jagaroth (1979, Season 17:"City Of Death")


Green, advanced humanoids with only one eye, but two tentacles.

(via Tardis.Wikia)

Lady Cassandra O'Brien. (2005, New Series 1:"The End of the World")


A former human five billion years in the future, Cassandra was born as a man, then altered into a female. She had 708 subsequent plastic surgery operations. Finally she's just a square meter of skin with eyes and mouth, and had to be always moisturised with water.

Empress of the Racnoss (2006, New Series 3, Christmas Special: "The Runaway Bride")


The only surviving Racnoss, the former leader of the species, met the Tenth Doctor on Christmas 2007 in London, when the spider-like creature was trying to awaken her race.

(via Tardis.Wikia and Diary of an old cheeser)

Bok (1971, Season 8:"The Daemons")

A statue, little like the Weeping Angels from the new series, controlled by the last living Daemon, Azal, used by the Master to controlling a village's residents.


(via Tardis.Wikia)

Azal (1971, Season 8:"The Daemons")


In the late 20th century, the Doctor's archenemy, the Master, awoke Azal, to steal the Daemon's power.

(via Tardis.Wikia and Kool TV Blog)

Macra (1967, Season 4: "The Macra Terror")


The crab-like race loved poisonous gases, which are deadly to humans. They were covered in hairs, and larger than humans. In the later Series they've had a comeback (2007, New Series 3:"Gridlock") as the mindless, smaller crabs under the New New York motorway in the year 5,000,000,053.

(via Tardis Musings)

Robot Yeti/The Abominable Snowmen (1967, Season 5:"The Abominable Snowmen")


In this almost completely lost (lnly episode 2 exists of six) episode the Doctor met a Robot Yeti in the Himalayas, created by the Great Intelligence to protect them. In a later episode (1968, Season 5: "The Web of Fear") more Robot Yetis appear in the London Underground.

(via Tardis.Wikia and blastr)