Here Are the 1000 Most Popular Websites In the World

Google just released a list of the top 1000 websites in the world, something they're uniquely suited to rank, since most traffic funnels through them first. Google left themselves off (they'd be #1), so Facebook and Yahoo are close together at 1 and 2. To save you time, we're at 540, edging out Pandora, Intel, that site you use to do currency conversion and the California government. Suck on that Costco and the web standards website. [Top1000 via Erin's Twitter]

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Gawn Til November

I think these are a little misleading...

Yahoo, Microsoft ( are often defaulted as the homepage due to their clever (and often tricky) software installation....

SO... Once defaulted to the default homepage, most people have no idea how to change it back.. So once its locked in, every time that person 'turns on the internet', Yahoo and MSN get another notch for views