The Dutch toy shop SpeelGoed NL has placed the line of sets for the new Lego Elves theme up in their online store. With names sounding like a various personal hygiene products, this new theme is the third theme behind Friends and Disney Princess to feature the minidoll instead of the minifigure in the sets.

They are beautiful looking sets and even the new promotional images have a more pleasing aesthetic than we are used to. The here is the box, here is the set, is now joined by an image of the set in a nice colorful backdrop.

Aira's Creative Workshop (41071) - Lots of brilliant colorful pieces in this 98 piece set which should come in at about $9.99. We get the new scissor accessory, a 1x4 ruler tile and a 2x2 map tile. That 2x2 round tile looks printed as well.

Naida's Spa Secret (41072) - This 249 piece set has a ton of great elements in all new colors. I really enjoy that these sets seem to be pretty heavy in printed tile and cool translucent elements. The foliage in this particular set is awesome in the purple and lavender colors. Should be around $19.99 for this set.

Naida's Epic Adventure Ship (41073) - I really dig this boat. Again, super colorful elements and a new sail that is almost in the rebel alliance, or maybe that is supposed to be waves. We've seen the smaller variety in the Parisian restaurant and in various Friends sets, but I think that giant clam is a new element. Piece count is 312 and pricing should be around $32.99

Azari and the Magical Bakery (41074) - This 324 piece set comes with a male fig and a cool looking fox. Again with several printed tiles and super colorful elements, it looks like they are cooking up some pretty potent hallucinogens in this bakery. I even see what looks to be a Heisenberg sandwich there on the windowsill. It's looking like the price on this one should be about $32.99 as well.

The Elves' Treetop Hideaway (41075) - This 505 element set is the biggest in the theme; It should be in the $54.99 range. Another male elf in this fig and also what looks to be a non-pointy-eared character here as well. I'm not sure what the back story is on the Elves line, but I'm guessing that she has come from the human world to visit. Those fence pieces in the tree house are wild looking, and my eyes are drawn to that blue chain and light purple half barrel, but what is really interesting is it looks like there is a new flower foliage element with 5 6 stems instead of the normal 3.

Fairan and the Crystal Hollow (41076) - This 175 element set looks packed full of really cool translucent pieces. This set provides a better look at the aforementioned flower element. That is indeed five stalks all coming off one 1x1 piece. This set should be in the $14.99 range.