Here Come the Living Room DJ Poseurs: Activision's DJ Hero Revealed

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Our sister blog Kotaku already has all the latest deets on Activision's DJ Hero, but we'd be remiss here at Gizmodo if we didn't at least profile the latest bit of shiny video game-related plastic that could be invading living rooms in the near future. After more than a dozen iterations and two years of development time, the "controller" looks like a "simplified DJ deck." There's a platter for scratching; sampling buttons; a cross fader; and a sound effects dial (think whammy bar in Guitar Hero, says Kotaku). Check out Kotaku for more, including info on the leg grooves developer FreeStyleGames has included on the base of the unit for super lazy couch DJ heroes! Please note the image is not what DJ Hero looks like. [Kotaku]


Im too lazy to get up and change a record over these days just for listening. Plus if i dont want to hear a certain song, i dont want to get up when im relaxing to cue up the needle on the right track.

I used to DJ with vinyl back in the late 80s and early 90s, until my CD collection became bigger to do so... even carrying around CDs can be heavy and bulky... would rather carry around a 4 or 5 oz MP3 player with all my tunes. Plus i dont have to worry about skipping and scratches happening to a record if i listen to it over and over again. I had some records that i wore the piss out of back in the day. No worries when it comes to digital :)