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Here's a Beer Glass That Can Only Stand Up Using Your Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a silly little invention that is wonderful because it'll either make you more drunk or more human, preferably both. It's a beer glass. Huh? Yeah, the base of this beer glass is shaved down so that it needs to be rested on top of your cell phone to stand up straight. If you're too busy using your phone? The beer will spill over. If you want to be a human and talk to people? You can sit your beer down perfectly fine.

The beer glass, designed by ad agency Fischer & Friends, was put to use in a bar in Sao Paolo, Brazil called Salve Jorge. The shaved off base creates an indentation that either makes you hold the beer glass and drink it or rest it on your phone and ignore Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messages and so forth.


It's a hilarious way to combat people who just stare at their phones all the time, even when they're around other people. [Mauricio Perussi via Telegraph UK]