Here's A Big Collection Of Some Very Small Books

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Hungarian bibliophile Jozsef Tari has a small hobby: collecting miniature books. Since 1972, he’s been collecting the smallest books ever printed, and in that time, has acquired over 5,200 individual titles.

I’ve heard of tiny books before, but I had no idea that they existed in large numbers like this. Tari noted that his books come from all over the world:

Most of my books are Hungarian, but I have several books in other languages. I have books e.g. from Canada, Mexico, the USA, Australia, Indonesia and Japan, and from almost all European countries. Unfortunately I have only very few books from Hungary’s neighbour countries.


He also indicated that his collection boasts some of the smallest books ever printed: 2.9 x 3.2 millimeters in size. Most of his books are smaller than 76 mm, but he’s got a couple that are larger than 100 mm.

Head over to Design You Trust for a series of pictures or his website.


Photo credits: Jozef Tari