Here's a Website That Lets Sad Guys Pay Girls to Do Girlfriendish Things for Them

Five bucks. Apparently, that's all the website costs per girlfriend-like task. Which means, an Internet guy like you could hire a real life girl to send you text messages, poke you on Facebook, prank your friends, create a fake breakup and even do your homework for you. All for five bucks.


That's seriously the premise of the site. It's a marketplace for girls to offer services (fashion advice, being a fake internet girlfriend, homework help) and for guys to pay them 5 bucks for services rendered. The idea is that young tweener boys want to look cool to their tweener friends so they need tweener girls to legitimize them. Tweeners. Ugh. We're all going to die.

So for example, in the video above, the lovely lady was paid five bucks to scream Rob Burns Rocks while punching her boyfriend. Other lovely ladies could be paid five bucks for answering three questions about American history or explain to a guy why his Asian girlfriend's parents hate him so much. Basically, if you have no girlfriends, you can pay to have one. Which is... awful? [ via BuzzFeed]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

A real girlfriend/wife is way more expensive than 5 bucks so consider adding this to Deals of the Day