Here's Another Kindle Holder For Book Aficionados Who Just Can't Let Go

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The hollowed out book, long a staple of Shawshank Redemption prison escapes and whatnot, now hosts the Kindle, thanks to a company that apparently just can't let that old "book" style of reading go the way of the dinosaur.

"Love your Kindle but miss the feel of holding a real book?" asks Busted Typewriter, the manufacturer behind this rather obvious Kindle holder (which itself is a copy of "Buying In:The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are" by author Rob Walker).


The company also sells iPhone and calculator holders (yes, also hollowed out books), which had me wondering whether gadget shame was what was really at work here, or that Busted Typewriter simply hates books.

Either way, these holders will protect your gear with the spilt blood ink of literary works like "Spa Food" for about $25. [Product Page via Book Patrol via BBG]