Facebook just released its 2012 trend report, boiling down what all us billion idiots care about and share incessantly. What was the top meme? The top song? Which horrible TV do millions of people care about? Read on.

In the US, "TBH" (to be honest, if you're a parent) took the top meme spot. Not really a meme, but alright. Poor Linsanity (remember that?) crept in at #10. Cray, is on the list through the sheer power of Kanye West. YOLO is somehow not #1, but instead takes silver, through the sheer power of Drake.


The "event" of the year was the presidential election (phew!), while #7 is the Facebook IPO (ugh) and #9 is the death of Dick Clark, which you've probably forgotten about already.

The top check-in is Times Square, unsurprisingly, and all the rest are sports stadiums.

Hunger Games books swept the top three books on Facebook. The Great Gatsby is at #9 thanks to compulsory high school reading. Way to go, old sport.


The top 10 TV shows of the year will make you want to kill yourself:

Duck Dynasty
Honey Boo Boo
Big Bang Theory
Game of Thrones
Downton Abbey
Breaking Amish
Ink Master
Long Island Medium
Wife Swap
Two Broke Girls

With the exception of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, of course.

But what about tech? Instagram was the most popular Facebook tech item of the year—deservedly—with Facebook's own Timeline coming in second. Also deservedly. Remember when everyone hated that? Draw Something, that game we used to play earlier this year, is fourth on the list, which is funny and sad because Zynga bought it for $200 million and now it might as well not exist.


For the rest of the lists, queue up We Are Young, Somebody That I Used to Know, and Call Me Maybe—because no shit, those are the top three most-listened to songs of the year on Facebook—and then head here.

Maybe I'm cray, but this list seems more full of actual significance for humanity than last year's. Whatever, YOLO.