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The Best New Feature in Photoshop CC

Adobe is announcing new release of Photoshop CC today, and with it comes one particularly cool feature: the ability to automatically select the out-of-focus areas of an image.


The new tool is great for compositing or applying adjustments to only the sharp areas of your photo. It works in tandem with the existing Refine Edge tool, making complex selections easier than ever.

There are, as always, a host of other new little additions and features slipped into the new Photoshop CC. In fact, every one of the CC desktop apps is getting a new release today. Head on over to Adobe's website for the full list of new features. Also, check out Adobe's new mobile app and hardware announcements that just dropped as well!

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I'm not sure if you watched the video, but the menu item is Select > Focus Area... so it literally does the opposite of what you said it does.

Can you invert the selection with a simple keyboard shortcut? Of course you can, but that doesn't mean you're selecting the out-of-focus area.

You may think this is trivial, but it's an amateur error when 'reporting' on a new product/feature. If you can't even do this correctly, how are we supposed to trust that you're properly representing anything else you've written?