Here's Proof Your Windows Phone Will Look Great Even if You're "Screwed" Out of the Upgrade

Following Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 reveal, plenty of owners were salty over what they considered the ultimate betrayal: not a single WP on the market was eligible for the super upgrade. But please, don't fret! The consolation prize is awesome.


If you can't get Windows Phone 8, many of you can still upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8. That's good news, as it includes the most visual (and perhaps most functional) part of the 8.0 software—the clever new start screen—and will be available for "old" devices like the Lumia 900. You'll be able to resize your tiles with all the grace and agility that wowed us so much last week, making your phone's face more personal and graphically friendly than any other smartphone out there. This is arguably the best part of WP8's software bounty, so watch the video above, clutch your current Windows Phone tight, and realize the two of you still have some bright days ahead. Until you buy a new one with WP8 on it. [Engadget]



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