Here's the First Short Film Made Entirely from Vines

You could say that every Vine is a six-second short film but Airbnb stitched together a hundred Vines to tell one story. Yes, there are some jump cuts and stop motion involved. Yes, there is an inspirational soundtrack. And yes, it's actually pretty good.


Called Hollywood and Vines, Airbnb offered up $100 of credit to anyone whose Vine made the final cut. They got over 750 submissions and pared down the product to this 4 minute short about paper planes, paper boats, paper envelopes, paper trash and like, dreams.

Though it's great work, it's not nearly as fun as this incredible vine compilation. But then again, what is. [Airbnb via FastCo]


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It's too long. It should have been cut to about two minutes and thirty seconds.