Here's the Latest on the Osama bin Laden Kill Mission

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News updates have been flowing steadily since last night's surprise announcement that the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Here are the latest news blips from this afternoon:

Mixed Messages: Some reports indicate that Pakistan fully-cooperated in this mission, aiding U.S. forces where they could. Other reports indicate that Pakistan had no idea and were scrambling to get fighter jets in the air.


Aiding and Abetting: In addition to the above confusion, the New Yorker also has sources who tell them the Pakistani government played a role in sheltering Osama. In addition, Gulf News says the house Osama hid in was previously used by Pakistani intelligence to hide other political figures.

No Honor: Talking Points Memo reports that Osama was the one who used his wife as a shield when special ops busted into his compound, resulting in her death.

Wikileaked: From the looks of it, intel regarding the infamous courier who tipped them off to Osama's whereabouts were included in some of the leaked cables from late last year.

Denial: Osama still has a very devoted online following who refuse to believe he's dead.

Show and Tell: To quell any naysayers, rumor has it the U.S. is considering releasing images of the deceased Osama and/or video footage of his water burial.

Floorplans: The Pentagon released the diagram of the Osama compound, which looked something like this.


The Lowdown: Finally, Politico has a blow-by-blow account of how the entire 40 minute operation went down. A must read.

To check out our full coverage on the successful raid of Osama Bin Laden's compound—from the planning to the aftermath—head here.




What a gruesome lot you all are, demanding pictures of a dead corpse to prove your ego that the devil is dead so you can all sleep tight at night. Do you really believe that if he was still alive that he wouldn't have released some sort of statement or threat by now? You look like the lynch mob that didn't recieved an invitation to the hanging ffs. No one should celebrate the loss of a (any) human life because we are not terrorists. Relief? Sure. Celebration? You're not so different from them after all.

I'd prefer that he had been trialled like all criminals should be (remember Nuremberg?) but I know that he would most probably prefer to die than to be caught alive. Just move on.