Here's What Happens When a Motorsport Maker Designs a Hookah

Hookahs, despite their long history in Middle Eastern cultures, are often treated as little more than fancy water pipes here in the US—something to be tucked away in a corner or stowed on a shelf when not in use. But this modern incarnation of the ancient smoking device is so drop-dead gorgeous, you'll want to display it on your mantelpiece.


Created by former motorsport concept vehicle designer Christian Zanzotti and called the 1001, this hookah combines cutting-edge crafting techniques—such as 3D printing—with sleek materials like anodized aluminum and polished brass. What's more, each hand-built, made-to-order hookah is constructed over the course of four weeks using "the highest automotive production standards," according to the Thousand and One website.

Unfortunately, Ferarri looks and Mercedes quality come at a steep price, even with hookahs. The 1001 will set you back a whopping $685 (500 Euro), or about as much as that percolating three-foot water pipe you've got hidden in the closet. [1001]

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