Hike 2600 miles through the United States in six minutes

From Mexico and all the way up to Canada with something called the United States of America in between. One man, Tyler Fox, decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and make his way completely through the US. That would be a 2,600 mile hike through California, Oregon and Washington. Here's what he saw.

It took Fox 142 days to complete the trek going about 22 miles per day. Of course, different days call for different hikes, Fox's longest day was 43 miles and he had a few zero days sprinkled in to catch some much deserved rest. Fox says:

On May 17, 2013 I was dropped off in Campo, California at the US/Mexico Border. Four and a half months later I was in Manning Park, British Columbia having walked the 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) across California, Oregon, and Washington to do get there.


Some relevant stats pulled from Fox's final tally of his epic trip:

  • Favorite section: Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks
  • Least favorite section: Oregon (except the Eagle Creek Detour)
  • Pairs of shoes used: 4
  • 700 miles of wear.
  • Days camped: 97
  • Days camped alone: 22
  • Zero days: 28
  • Days slept off trail: 44
  • 20-30 mile days: 45
  • 30-40 mile days: 18
  • 40+ mile days: 3
  • Times thrown up: 2
  • Hospital visits: 1
  • Hitches solicited: 34

You can see Fox's photo essay of the trip here. What a journey. Keep up with Fox's adventures at his blog Halfway Anywhere.


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