Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed in a phone call to stockholders that we'll be getting Star Wars: Episode VIII in December of 2017, followed by Episode IX in December of 2019. Only two years between each film? That's more quickly than George Lucas made either the original trilogy or the prequels. Hmm...

While he didn't mention it specifically, I'd bet money that we'll be getting the second Star Wars spin-off in December 2018, much like we'll get the first stand-alone Star Wars movie from director Gareth Edwards in-between Episodes VII and VIII in 2016. So that's very much a new Star Wars movie every year, for the rest of the decade at least — barring something catastrophic, I guess.


So what do you think? Is two years too little to make a good Star Wars movie? Is this too much Star Wars, period? I have to admit I think the insane fanboy in me is more excited about this than worried, but that could obviously change after we finally get to see The Force Awakens.

[Via ScreenCrush]