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Here's Why the Black Panther Footage Got a Standing Ovation at Comic-Con

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Director Ryan Coogler played a huge chunk of footage from Black Panther at Marvel’s Comic-Con this Saturday evening, but Marvel did not elect to put it online. If you’re annoyed by this, well, good news, because I saw the footage and I’m going to tell you everything about it. The bad news is after you read this, you’re going to want to see the footage even more.

It began with a metal detector. We see the back of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), surrounded by two guards, Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o). They all walk through security and the doors open to a large casino, the one shown in the trailer. Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) notices the Wakandans enter, followed by Klaw (Andy Serkis) and a slew of goons, who blaze through the metal detector, setting it off, but no one stops them.


Klaw is there to meet Ross and broker a deal. Ross says Klaw brought quite the entourage and asks if he has a mix tape coming out. Klaw, quite surprised, says he does, actually, and that he’ll get him the Soundcloud link. He asks Ross if he brought the diamonds and Ross presents a briefcase. Ross asked Klaw if he brought the vibranium, at which point Klaw puts his hand into his pants and pulls out a paper bag. This (rightfully) disgusts Ross.

As this is happening, Okoye and Nakia are casing the casino and noticing what Klaw is doing. Dressed in fancy night gowns (seen in the photo above), they blend right in, continually touching hidden earpieces to communicate, Mission: Impossible style. One of Klaw’s bodyguards notices and comes at Okoye, who attacks him and pulls out a long gold spear. She swings it around gracefully, whips off the wig she’s wearing, throws it at another guy, and the battle is on.


Meanwhile, T’Challa has been standing patiently on the floor of the casino, listening to the exchange between Klaw and Ross. When the fight breaks out, T’Challa grabs Ross and protects him as gunfire rips through the casino. Bullets are whizzing everywhere, tables are flipping over, and T’Challa notices Klaw trying to escape. He jumps up to the second floor with incredible ease and confronts the villain; Klaw smiles, says T’Challa looks just like his old man, then stretches out his new artificial arm. Which then opens up into a massive laser gun. He fires it at T’Challa, and the Marvel Studios logo comes up.

Next, a black Lexus starts speeding down the street after T’Challa who is still in his normal black suit. As he starts running, though, the suit seems to almost dissolves away to become the Black Panther suit. Once that’s on, he does a back flip, and lands onto the car pursuing him.

We get a shot of a plane flying into Wakanda, followed by some shots of the streets, where Wakanda’s advanced technology isn’t as obvious. T’Challa is challenged in ritual combat, and we see him shirtless, fighting in water in slow-motion. He explain he wants to be a great king (in voiceover) and the footage cuts to him at the United Nations, with tons of people taking photos.

Next, there’s a very high-tech plane flying through the sky; inside, in his Black Panther suit, T’Challa crosses his arms and drops out of the plane. He lands in a jungle and immediately takes out a bunch of guards.


Back to the car chase: T’Challa’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), is in what seems like a self-driving car speeding through a modern, neon-lit city. High-tech guns, explosions, and crashes fill the screen as T’Challa jumps from car to car , and Okoye throws her spear into the ground, and a car crashes into it, almost splitting in two.

Then we’re back in Wakanda with Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) who has a terse exchange with T’Challa. “What do you want?” asks the King. Suddenly the two of them are outside. Killmonger puts on a gold tinted panther suit and the two start to fight. The battle spills into a large, deep hole and as they fall, they keep fighting.


Black Panther opens February 16.