Heroes Is The Most Popular Show! (On Bittorrent)

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The file-sharing audience isn't quite the same as the TV audience, it turns out. According to Bittorrent tracking group Big Champagne, Heroes episodes were the most shared of any TV series on the webotorrents.

Top ten Bittorrented TV series, according to Big Champagne:

Heroes; 54,562,012
Lost; 51,151,396
24; 34,119,093
Prison Break; 29,283,591
House; 26,277,954
Fringe; 21,434,755
Desperate Housewives; 21,378,412
Grey's Anatomy; 19,916,775
Gossip Girl; 19,706,870
Smallville; 19,598,999

Shockingly, they're all nerd-friendly shows - even Desperate Housewives, which appeals to smart ladies who want to make fun of themselves. Read more about the dangerous file-sharing trend that's making TV more accessible to the masses via BBC.