Right-clickas or a MacBook flippas, I think we can all agree to hate malvertising, Internet ads filled with malicious code. Someone needs to take down the companies who are putting that crap online. Wait. Microsoft is on the job already?

Apparently Microsoft's legal team's first battle is to uncover exactly who is behind some of those horrid ads by going through the court system. According to Microsoft on the Issues:

The lawsuits allege that individuals using the business names "Soft Solutions," "Direct Ad," "qiweroqw.com," "ITmeter INC." and "ote2008.info" used malvertisements to distribute malicious software or present deceptive websites that peddled scareware to unsuspecting Internet users. Although we don't yet know the names of the specific individuals behind these acts, we are filing these cases to help uncover the people responsible and prevent them from continuing their exploits.


Kudos to Microsoft for doing something to help all users. [Microsoft on the Issues via New York Times]

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