Heroes Season 4 Trailer Promises Punk Clownhead and Evil Brunettes

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You heard that Heroes season 4 would include Claire going lesbian, Sylar eating babies, and an Irish carnival full of people with bad hair and sucky costumes. Could it all be true? The season 4 teaser trailer reveals all!


After wandering through the scary "Heroes carnival" that NBC created across the street from Comic-Con - complete with icky cotton candy - we were primed for this season 4 trailer. Remember the heavy-handed "heroes vs. villains" theme from previous seasons? Well this season we'll get the heavy-handed "redemption vs. revenge" binary. Whoa - deeper than a pit!

Things to watch out for in this trailer include new Big Bad: Samuel the Irish carnival guy with punk clownhead - and his mysterious brother Joseph, whose hairstyle is as yet unknown. (What is it with this show and cheesy representations of the Irish? I'm brought back to that plot arc when Peter found himself in Ireland in an alternate future of quarantines and bad accents.) Samuel's also got a carnivalesque mutant posse, who are about as menacing as cosplayers at Burning Man. Seriously, couldn't we have like giant robots or something?

Other menaces include Sylar-in-Nathanface. Sylar's been stuck in Nathan mode by brainwasher Matt, but he feels like something is weird. Make that very weird, since Sylar keeps popping out and saying "I want my body back." I guess when the Sylar personality asserts itself, we "see" him, though he's really in Nathan's body? My teeth hurt.

Even more exciting: Claire has a Special Friend With The Brunette Hair Of Evil. They shoot each other smoky, college-lesbian looks and talk about corpses. I like where this subplot is going. Will they be menaced by Irish clownhead? We can only hope.

In addition, poor Hiro is being sucked into Samuel's carnival. One of his Irish-accented promises is that "others like them" will be "drawn in." Drawn into what? A competitor to the Jim Rose Sideshow?

From what we've seen here, I guess we've got another season of Useless Hiro. And Tracy has returned from ice-shattering doom with One Sole Purpose. REVENGE! Or is it redemption? Seriously this is getting a little too philosophical for me, kids. I need to see Tracy naked. Oh good - we do get to see that.


Also a bunch of people will run around and die, including The Hunter and maybe Matt's baby, who seems to be in Sylar's clutches.




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i just have to say i love all the heroes coverage annalee gives us but at the same time i just want to know...do you actually want this show to succeed?

i mean in everything heroes related morning spoilers etc there is always a snide and snarky tone..i understand you are frustrated with the show but at thesametimeyou should be a little optimistic instead of turning the show into a target for insult! all you do is beat down any effort the show makes..i'm as frustrated as you are believe me...but you just make it seem more pathetic..all i'm saying is give it a chance..they must have learnt their lesson after season 3 and if after that the show still sucks..well three consecutive suck ass seasons...its over! but you act as if you want the show to go to the grave now...