Unless, of course, your dog is one of the undead. But if you want to spend $230 on a 7.1 Megapixel camera with 3x zoom, who am I to stop you? Oh, you say it has technology to iron out wrinkles on humans as well? In that case, it's a Must Have.

One point, though - if you shoot your pet in a darkened room (with a camera, I mean, just in case the bunny-lovers at PETA are reading this) then he will come out with black saucers for eyes. But that's cool - you can tell everyone that Tricky-Woo's father was a hard-drinking Marmoset who loved Fluffy's mom once before moving on, and the last thing you heard he was fresh out of jail and running a brothel in Manila.


A Camera That Makes You And Your Pet Look Better [New York Times]

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