Hexapod Robot Manages to Make Innocent Little Waves Looks Six Times More Creepy

Illustration for article titled Hexapod Robot Manages to Make Innocent Little Waves Looks Six Times More Creepy

New for Spring! Creepy pseudo-arachnid robots—great for going into even creepier, crawlier places so you don't have to! Also, check out that cute little wave it does in the video! Aww.


I say "pseudo" of course because this beastie boasts but six legs. As all arachnologists worth their salt know, spiders have eight wonderful legs, of which all eight are used in tandem to crawl into your mouth while you sleep.

But this big guy won't do that. Instead, he'll use his six legs and realistic spider walking motion to explore treacherous terrain or school desktops. For now this is aimed at hobbyist and educational markets, but it's only a matter of time before DARPA or some other agency weaponizes this for the inevitable Moon Wars of 2043. Won't those be fun.

The sound of this thing "navigating a table" is pretty creepy as well, but that could just be the irrational fear of spiders that my dad's DNA graciously passed down through a generation. [Robots Dreams via CrunchGear]

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Can I get one with a little syringe on it?

I might be showing my age on that comment but seriously, this is exactly like the robots in the movie Runaway. Freaky!

This happens to be the second story this week that resembles that movie. The other story was that of the police robot sent in to that nekkid guys house who shot the robot. Practically a scene directly from Runaway. I hope someone else out there knows what the hell I am talking about.